Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting and basic solutions

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Hitachi nail gun intermittent firing? Hitachi nail gun piston not returning? Your hitachi roofing nailer leaks air?

Well, this guide is all about hitachi nail gun troubleshooting..

We will look at the most common Hitachi nailer problems including typical hitachi roofing nailer problems plus their basic fixes.

Let’s get started..


Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting –  specific issues and how to solve them

You can resolve most minor issues in various Hitachi nail guns by taking these steps:

Hitachi roofing nailer problems

Nailer operates, but won’t drive any nail

  • Check for and clear any nail jam.
  • Check that the feeder function is operating smoothly. Clean and lubricate if necessary (Use hitachi nail gun lubricant or even the Paslode Lubrication Oil to oil all the vital hitachi roofing nailer parts).
  • Check for right nails.

Hitachi nail gun intermittent firing problem

  • Check for correct nails.
  • Check that the feeder function is operating smoothly and take the previously mentioned steps.
  • Check that the nail holder is in a proper position (in magazine). Adjust position if required.

Hitachi nailer drives nails too deep

  • Reduce air pressure.
  • Adjust nail depth.

Hitachi roofing nailer appears to have a Weak drive/Slow to cycle

  • Increase air pressure but not beyond 120 psi
  • Adjust nail depth.
  • The driver blade could be worn and needs replacement.
  • The piston O-ring may be worn or damaged and needs replacement.
  • The tool needs re-oiling.

Hitachi nail gun bending nails /hitachi nail gun jammed

  • Feed correct nails.
  • The driver blade could be worn and needs replacement.

Hitachi Nail gun fasteners not going in all the way

  • Use a larger air hose

Hitachi roofing nailer leaks air

  • Check O-rings (around its head valve) or the seal- Replace the o-ring kit or buy a rebuild kit applicable to your model.
  • If air is leaking through the Trigger valve, replace it.
  • Check for gaps that you may have left during re-assembly and re-install affected parts properly.

Hitachi roofing nailer wont feed nails

  • Load compatible nails.
  • Check if magazine is damaged or worn and replace.
  • Check and replace the spring if worn/damaged.


Hitachi cordless framing nailer problems

Most of the solutions for the Hitachi roofing nailer problems apply here too as you’ll notice below:

Nail operates but won’t drive any nail (firing blanks)

  • Clear jam.
  • Clean and lube the nail feed.
  • Replace ribbon spring.
  • Load Hitachi specified nails.

Hitachi framing nailer appears to have a Weak drive/Slow to cycle

  • Increase air pressure but not beyond 120 psi
  • Replace driver blade.
  • Replace piston O-ring.

Nailer Drives nails extremely deep

  • Reduce air pressure.

Hitachi framing nailer not sinking nails

  • Use a larger air hose

Hitachi framing nail skips nails

  • Load proper nails.
  • Clean and lubricate the nail feeder (or replace if worn/damaged).
  • Replace ribbon spring.
  • Replace piston O-ring.

Hitachi framing nailer keeps bending nails /jamming

  • Feed correct nails.
  • Replace driver blade.

Hitachi brad nailer problems

Almost all of the tips we have highlighted for the other Hitachi nailer models problems will work here as well.

For example, for hiccups like Hitachi brad nailer not firing (when Brad nailer wont shoot nails), you should ensure that you’ve loaded the right nails, check for jams (and clear), or oil the nailer.

As such, refer to the instructions for the previous models and try the relevant hack.

Hitachi nt65gs problems

Nailer operates, but doesn’t drive nails

  • Clear any jam.
  • Replace ribbon spring.
  • Push the tool’s driver blade with a slotted-head screwdriver then put the piston back to the high-est position.
  • Clean and lubricate.


Skipping nails/Intermittent feeds

  • Clean and lubricate.
  • Load recommended nt65gs nails.
  • Replace ribbon spring- if weakened or damaged.
  • Replace nail feeder.
  • Try to pull the trigger (all the way).
  • Warm up the fuel cell (under 50°C/120°F) if the temperature is too low.
  • Troubleshoot the piston- replace cylinder piston ring, piston ring, or the whole piston.

Frequent Nails jam/Driven nail bent.

  • Load recommended nt65gs nails.
  • Replace driver blade.
  • Replace nail feeder.

The push lever is not operating smoothly

  • Check if bent and replace.
  • Also replace if debris is lodged in the push lever’s moving track.

Hitachi nt65gs nail gun flashing green, Fan is working, doesn’t drive nails/operation is unstable

  • The returning of piston has issues- Push the tool’s push lever in all the way.
  • Warm up the fuel cell (under 50°C/120°F) if the temperature is too low.
  • Check and load new fuel cell if low.
  • Replace spark plug wire (check if worn/damaged).
  • Replace spark plug itself (check for grease or debris).
  • Clean the filter (as per the manual) if clogged.

Fan does not run when you press the push lever

  • Magazine empty- Load more nails.
  • Charge the battery if red.
  • Replace battery if light indicator shows green.

Battery wont charge

  • Check cord.

Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting – other general problems

Hitachi coil nailer jamming

  • Check for appropriate nails.
  • Driver may be worn. Replace.

Hitachi nail gun not firing

  • Clean and lubricate.
  • Clear jam.
  • Charge the battery where applicable.
  • Check that the fuel cell is properly attached.
  • Replace fuel cell.

Hitachi coil nailer not feeding

  • Use compatible nails.
  • Clear jam- broken/worn pin prevents the fasteners from feeding.
  • Clean and oil it.
  • Check that the feeder put is properly installed.
  • Replace feed spring (another probable cause).
  • Driver problems- check if driver is blocking next nail and replace the driver o-ring (its usually the cause).

Hitachi nail gun piston not returning / hitachi nail gun hammer not returning

  • Trigger valve may not be cycling properly- Remove and replace it.
  • Replace the piston o-ring, if worn.
  • The exhaust valve (rubber shaped band/o-ring around cylinder) damaged, missing, or not fitting snugly- replace or repair to fit.
  • Bent driver- examine for bend and repair
  • Worn lower bumper- replace.
  • Loose piston oring- tighten it.

Hitachi nail gun double fires

  • Insert correct gauge nails.
  • Lube it.
  • Use proper technique: Bounce the nailer off the surface you’re nailing rather than lean on it (avoid a stiff wrist when doing it). This avoids the second contact.

Hitachi nail gun wont fire

  • Secondary switch faulty- replace.
  • Gas past expiry date- replace.
  • Air leak- repair as advised earlier.
  • Faulty spark unit- replace.


Hitachi nail gun misfiring

  • Clean and lube the piston.
  • Use a full-charged battery.
  • Check that everything is tight/put together properly.
  • Replace the fuel cell (last resort).

Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting- general tips

You should clean your gun regularly to keep it in tip top condition.

Use a quality cleaning kit such as the popular paslode cleaner  for the best results.

Besides, keeping your nail gun properly lubricated will keep most of the basic problems at bay- only use the hitachi-recommended lubricants for this.

In addition, always check that the battery is charged fully and that the fuel canister is not running low/connected wrongly.

It also never hurts to inspect the spark plug in some of these models.

Wrapping it up

We hope that our comprehensive Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting guide will help your nailer be up and running again.

Be sure to present your nail gun to an authorized Hitachi service center for further help if these hacks don’t work.

Good luck with your nailer mate.


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