Paslode nail gun repair manual- all paslode nailer problems solved!

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Read this Paslode nail gun repair manual before approaching a repair shop- it may help you save money.    

Paslode firing pin not returning? Your nail gun not shooting nails?

Well, don’t panic..this article is all about paslode nailer troubleshooting and we will tackle the most common Paslode nailer brand problems plus their basic remedies.

The good news is that some of them are pretty simple to eliminate even if you’re not mechanically inclined.

Let’s go:

Paslode nail gun repair manual- specific paslode problems solutions

Before we start, note that Paslode nailers need servicing occasionally.

Most importantly, you must clear out accumulated gunk and lube regularly for it operate smoothly (but for oil-free models).

Here now are the most common issues:

Paslode firing pin not returning / Paslode driver blade not returning

Manually pushing the firing pin back (for example, with an Allen key or a screwdriver) after each shot can be super annoying.

Here is potentially why your paslode nail gun won t retract

  • Chipped or cracked or completely worn O-rings – When this happens, it may make the firing pin fail to return due to the resulting inadequate compression. Inspect the O-rings (the most affected one is the O-ring in the midcheck area) and replace (or have them replaced). This could do the trick.
  • Its gunked up– build-up of powder residue may be making it sticky. Clean the unit to restore normal functioning.
  • The pin is bent- If the driver pin is bent, it may be enough to block it from rebounding all the way. Try to repair it.
  • Lock-out feature is engaged (where applicable)- Add a strip of nails.

Otherwise, try the following if your Paslode nail gun driver blade is not returning…

Remove the gas can and battery.

Next push/depress the driver blade up into the gun(all the way) and test the gun.

Remember the nailer won’t fire if the nailer’s driver blade is stuck in that down position .


Paslode fan not working

Here is what could be behind this:

  • The fan blade is jammed- remove the fan from the housing and straighten the fins gently with pliers until the angle is correct.
  • Damaged fan motor– it might also mean the fan motor is not functional (it could have internal problems itself or in the supporting wiring). On this, you should inspect the condition of the black and red fan motor wires and replace them if pinched or broken. Before then, try to detach then re-attach the tiny white connector going to the motor.
  • Oil it- incredibly, your fan may have become non responsive because the fan assembly is as dry as a bone. Take it out then oil the various parts including the bearing.
  • Dead Battery – Another no brainer. Charge it and retry.


Paslode fan keeps running

Other times the opposite happens- your fan won’t shut off (until you take the battery out) and the nailer won’t fire either!

Now, this may point to defects in the spark unit (more on troubleshooting spark problems later) or circuit mold assembly.

The only way out here is to replace the offending part depending on the results of your tests (check your manual for instructions).


Paslode nail gun misfiring

For misfires, the individual remedial actions are as follows:

  • Fasteners won’t drive completely into materials– adjust depth adjustment appropriately (i.e. retract length). Also increase air pressure (for air models). The fuel cell may also be running low (replace).
  • Fasteners penetrate perfectly during normal shooting but won’t drive in completely at faster speeds- Increase air flow by using larger air lines.
  • Fasteners drive extremely deep into wood- adjusts depth adjustment appropriately (i.e. extend length). Also reduce air pressure (for air models).
  • Paslode finish nailer fires but no nail– Feed compatible fasteners and check that the magazine follower slides freely. Clean the tool to remove debris. Also clear any unnoticed nail jams. Finally, increase air flow and reduce/extend length.

Why does my nail gun shoot two nails?

Mostly, your Paslode nailer will fire two nails simultaneously either because the chamber the driver follows has issues or you’re shooting the wrong nail size.

The other thing that you can suspect in cases of double firing (Double Kiss) is some parts being a bit loose.

For instance, it’s likely to hit two fasteners at the same time if the nose is loose from the main handle assembly.

To get rid of the matter, load the manufacturer’s specified nails, tighten all the loose bolts, and lastly, inspect the driver/its channel if no change.

Why is my paslode nail gun not firing?

Paslode not firing? Well, from our experience, the most common cause of this issue is a jammed piston- a misfired or jammed nail may have stopped the nailer’s piston in a wrong location preventing air from building up in the chamber rightly.

The workaround?

Try to hold it up against a surface with the trigger pushed in and then insert the battery.

This might help trigger the firing mechanism to return the piston to the natural position.

Those using corded units can remedy the situation by connecting the air hose -the trigger should be pulled.

Air will rush into the chamber, pushing the piston back.

The gun won’t fire as well if the O-rings around its firing pin are broken or cracked (recall them?)- check if the o-rings are in perfect shape.


Paslode nail gun repair manual: Paslode impulse blinking green light quickly

The first thing you need to know is that Paslode nailers typically stay permanently green if its set up properly and running smooth.

As such, your Paslode flashing green light could mean you need to fix something.

In general, it might be a fuel-related issue so begin by checking your nailer’s plastic carb head- ensure that it’s snapped tight into the fuel canister.

Next, check the fuel cell’s use by date.

Also make sure that the whole fuel setup is placed correctly.

Paslode framing nailer blinking red light / paslode im360ci gas light flashing red

If the light flashes red, the most common solution is to recharge the battery- the battery may have entered standby mode because you’ve not used the tool for a lengthy period of time.

Side note: If it still continues to flash even after charging the battery fully, it may point to corroded battery contacts (clean them then retry) or a dying battery (test it with a new battery). If no luck, it might be necessary to check the nailer’s spark unit (covered later).

Why is my paslode flashing red & green?

There are a couple of possibilities here with the battery being the most probable culprit- you already know what to do.

Others include trouble with the motor –this is an occasional cause too.

The other off chance is an electrical/electronic fault- perhaps there is a short somewhere in the wiring (a wire could be floating in there causing shorts).

Of course, it’s important to refer to your manual for the correct interpretation of your specific Paslode nail gun light signals before attempting any of the above suggestions.


Paslode nail gun repair manual: Paslode finish nailer no spark / paslode im250 no spark

Look at these possibilities if it won’t spark:

  • Sludge- Spark plugs tend to act up because of muck. Start by cleaning the cylinder head.
  • Spark wire disconnected from spark plug– Remove cap then check spark lead. Reconnect it
    and replace cover.
  • Dead spark unit- To test, empty fuel then take a test shot while listening keenly (put your ear close to the rear of tool). If you can’t hear a click, it’s gone and you need a new one. Otherwise, cleaning it should help if the paslode spark plug test turns out ok.

Paslode nail gun repair manual –other Paslode pneumatic framing nailer troubleshooting guidelines

  • Paslode pneumatic framing nailer won’t fire at all- A nail jam may be preventing the fasteners from moving forward (clear the jam), its fuel cell may be out-of-date (replace) or not attached properly (fix this), or even empty (refill).
  • Fan starts then stops, light flashes red then green– Could signal the motor has stopped working.
  • The nailer stops firing and then it flashes red/green and won’t fire again– Sounds like your Pasload may have a defective cooling fan.
  • The gun shoots just once then flashes red (battery fully charged)- A potential cause is a fuel cell that’s past its expiration date (it’s printed on the bottom). Check and replace, if necessary.

Paslode nail gun repair manual -Paslode f350s troubleshooting

Most of the above guidelines apply for this model.

However, there are a couple of other problems you might encounter.

Here is what’s more you can try:

  • Air leak at cap when connected to air– Tighten cap screws.
  • Nail gun skips during operation (and wont drive nails occasionally)- Use correct nails, increase airflow, and adjust depth adjustment appropriately.
  • Nail gun doesn’t sink nails- Increase air pressure.


Paslode nail gun repair manual- general paslode troubleshooting/maintenance tips

For the most part, most of the issues with Paslode nail guns are due to the following:

· Failure to Tune it up

Most Paslode nail guns should be cleaned and lubricated after a given nunber of shots (refer to your manual).

Do it more often if you often use it in a dirtier environment or you’re frequently using it for heavy work.

Use the recommended Tune-up Kit for your model for the best results.

In fact, most of the problems we have discussed here won’t go away without giving it a good cleaning oiling the whole unit.


· Gas cylinders (even if new)

If you’ve just installed a new gas cylinder and your nailer still won’t work, install another one and retry.

In addition, the gas cylinder must be installed correctly- your nailer may, for example, malfunction if the end going to the cylinder was not snapped on correctly/completely.


· Loading wrong fasteners

Some folks attempt to shoot different nails (other than what Paslode recommends).

Chances are, you’ll have tons of problems.

Likewise, you’ll be asking for trouble if you use non-compatible gas.


· Incorrect setup

If after stripping and cleaning it you fail to re-hook the wires correctly because of doing it in a rush, it won’t work as well as you’re used to, if it at all works.

For example, forgetting to reseat the Oring appropriately for some models causes plenty of issues.


· Age and heavy use

Some Paslode parts break down with age and heavy work.

A good example is the wiring harness in certain nailers.


· Badly fitting batteries

They could be moving, even if slightly, leading to poor contact.

Set them properly and clean the contacts.


Final thoughts

While we have tried to make this Paslode nail gun repair manual as detailed as possible, you may find that the problem you’re facing has been exhaustively tackled in the manual of your particular Paslode nailer.

As such, your manual should be your first stop when troubleshooting any Paslode nail gun.

Don’t worry if you have long misplaced your manual- simply download it here.

The page has updated manuals for nearly all current Paslode models and even for some discontinued Paslode nail guns.



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