Paslode degreaser cleaner alternative: what can i use to clean my paslode nail gun?

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Regular cleaning (depending on use) is essential to keep your Paslode nail gun firing and running smoothly.

Here are some great options if you’re looking for an equally powerful but cheaper Paslode degreaser cleaner alternative..

Paslode degreaser cleaner alternative – 2 recommended options that work as well

If you don’t want to splash out on the pricey Paslode nail gun cleaner, try these Paslode degreaser cleaner alternatives.

1: Brake cleaner

The brake part cleaner you use on your truck also works nearly as well as the Paslode cleaner and is the best Paslode degreaser cleaner alternative.

Don’t panic- it’s alcohol based so it will not hurt the O-rings or other seals (you probably know that brake parts feature plenty of rubber) or even electrical parts of the tool.

Keep in mind that it’s best to use non-chlorinated brake cleaner such as this.


How to clean a paslode nail gun with brake cleaner for paslode

  1. Remove the battery, fuel cell, and nails.
  2. Remove the head cap bolts.
  3. Now spray the filter and wipe it clean either with a lint free cloth or by blowing through with air.
  4. Next, disconnect leads from your fan motor and the spark plug to reach the tool’s cylinder head assembly.
  5. Spray the cylinder head assembly liberally and get rid of the gunk with lint-free cloth/ compressed air.
  6. Now proceed to spray (and wipe the deposits) the main cylinder along with the piston driver assembly.


Don’t ever soak the gun wholly in the cleaner.

Plus, you have to be extra alert and wipe off any extra properly too -you won’t have the luxury of time as it typically evaporates pretty fast.

Useful tip:

If available, it’s advisable to hit the nail gun with a bit of air to mop all the spots you can’t wipe.

Last step:

Your last step is re-oiling -use the right Paslode gun oil (or a good paslode oil alternative as well) for lubing- be sure to place a couple of drops around the tool’s cylinder wall.

Also apply oil to the O rings.

Now put everything back together.

Side Note: Please follow the instructions printed in the manual for your specific Paslode model all through.


2: Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner.

You may also get away with a Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner such as this from the same company that manufactures WD-40 (it doesn’t cost a small fortune).

These products are strong enough to blast away oil, dirt, carbon deposits, and more from overly sensitive electrical equipment including pneumatic and cordless nail guns.

Besides, their quick-drying, residue-free formula is kind on metal and plastics.

Word of caution: Please follow the instructions in the documentation supplied with the spray to protect the most fragile components if you pick this over the official paslode nail gun cleaning kit.


Paslode degreaser cleaner alternatives: What to stay away from

Carburetor degreaser doesn’t cost all that much and some claim it’s a brilliant alternative for Paslode nail guns (except when the nailer is super filthy).

Don’t think of carb degreaser cleaner though- it has some terrible ingredients and hardens or dissolves plastic, rubber, and the like.

In a nutshell, using it as a Paslode nail gun oil substitute will be calling for trouble and more expenditure down the road unless you can, of course, prevent it from getting on the sensitive parts somehow.

In addition, don’t use silicone spray and PTFE spray -they clog the whole thing and creates sticky spots.

The other thing to steer clear of is WD40- this is a petroleum-based fluid and cannot work in a nailer because it wrecks the seals.

Wrapping it up

Paslode nail gun models are not friends with dust and other debris.

As such, it is important to take your nailer apart and clean it after the specified usage (check the instructions).

Any of the two substitutes we have explained here will do the job and can be a good way of saving your hard-earned money.

That said, avoid using a brake pad cleaner or any other unofficial cleaner if you’re still within the warranty period -it will void it.

Something else: You’re advantaged when you use the recommended paslode cleaner and oil – it’s specially engineered for the tools and cleans wonderfully.

Most importantly, there’s no risk of damaging the nailer’s plastic, rubber,and electrical parts.

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