How to tell if Paslode fuel cell is empty [Easiest method]

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Find out how to tell if Paslode fuel cell is empty in this post

You could be aware of this: if your cordless Paslode nail gun fuel cell empties, the nailer will start acting weird (it will actually stop firing).

That being so, it is very important that you check if there’s still enough gas in the cells every now and then.

Of course, you do not want the nailer to run out of fuel when you’re in the middle of a huge project.

Which brings me to the main point of today’s article: How to tell if Paslode fuel cell is empty..

Read on to find out how to tell if Paslode fuel cell is empty which means you need to get new fuel cells before you can use the nail gun again.


How to tell if Paslode fuel cell is empty [The easiest method]

Below is the easiest way of telling if your Paslode fuel cell is empty.

I will explain the procedure(step-by-step)..


How to tell if Paslode fuel cell is empty (step by step)

Under this method, you simply check if some gas comes out of Paslode fuel cells.

Here is how you specifically do it:

  1. First, ensure you are not close to any heating elements or open flames.
  2. Get the fuel cell out of the gun (check your manual or YouTube for instructions)
  3. Now hold the cell in an upside down position- you want the white stem facing toward the floor.
  4. Once it is facing the floor, depress the white stem(do that carefully) against any hard surface several times (about 4 – 5 times).
  5. Each time you push the white stem, you should see a “puff” of gas come out (get dispensed) if the cell still has fuel.
  6. But if no fuel comes out each time you put the white stem under pressure, then it is very likely that the fuel cell empty.

Keep in mind that if fuel only comes out on the first 2/3 pushes, it means you might be having an expired cell meaning you have to replace it for your nail gun to work flawlessly.

Remaining with the issue of telling if Paslode fuel cell is good, there is another method you can try..

Allow me to explain it (step by step):


How to test if gasoline is still good

  • Hold your gas-cartridge nail gun upside down over a nail head then try to drive a nail in to a header/ceiling joist.
  • If the gun works without a problem in that upside-down position but won’t work when you’re driving a nail into the floor, it could point to a bad cell.


Y’all should not forget that Paslode Fuel cells typically have an expiration date printed on the can (it is on the bottom).

Keeping that in mind, you can be noting this date somewhere before you load the cells into the nailer.

That way, you will always have an idea of the date the fuel will go bad and have new fuel cell on standby as the date approaches (instead of getting caught flat-footed).

Side Note: Interestingly, Paslode fuel cells oftentimes work beyond the best-by date though it, at some point, starts to fire intermittently once the fuel cell goes bad. That is because the bad fuel will have lost the required internal pressure for optimal nailer performance.


Helpful tips to keep your Paslode nail gun firing

Keep fuel cells warm

To avoid consistent trouble every time you want to use the gun to fire nails, always keep Paslode fuel cells warm

Yes, store the cells at (at least) warm room temperature as much as you can.

And if you’re working where it is very cold, try to keep the fuel cell warm by, for example, tossing it in your pocket.

That said, Paslode all-season fuel (for framing nailers) performs excellently in freezing temperatures – you can shoot over 1,000 nails per fuel cartridge!


Oiling the fuel line helps

In addition, applying a drop of Paslode oil once a day (at least) where Paslode fuel cell contacts your gun can a couple of problems with the fuel cells.

Just one drop there (in to the fuel line going to the nailer’s piston chamber) before use could be enough to keep it firing like a charm for years.

Check your tool’s manual for directions or search for some YouTube videos if you do not know how to oil it there.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long do Paslode fuel cells last?

The normal lifetime of Paslode Power Plus fuel cells is 27 months while that of the Paslode Trim Fuel Cells is about 24 months.

Be sure to buy only enough fuel needed to complete the task.


Can Paslode cordless nail guns work with other fuel brands?

Well, Paslode recommends their specially formulated oil for their Cordless nailers because it guarantees superior all-round performance and lubrication.

Indeed, according to Paslode, Using other fuels may damage your nail gun or make it needs servicing more frequently.

Wrapping up

Overall, if your Paslode nailer keep having shooting problems, it’s usually the fuel.

Check if the fuel cell is empty or if the fuel is expired and try replacing it with new gas.

You now know how to tell both of these.

Good luck.


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