How much weight can liquid nails hold?

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So, how much weight can liquid nails hold? Read this guide to find out

When it comes to construction, we all want an end product that will hold anything it’s meant to hold.

Of course, no one wants to be the constructor that built a staircase only for it to give in when two people stepped on to it.

Or the carpenter who built a book shelf that gave way when 10 encyclopedias were placed on it.

In short, when building, you need to be sure that whatever you’re using to join your pieces/surfaces will hold for years.

With that in mind, we will look into how much weight liquid nails can hold in this post…

We will also look at a number of brands of liquid nails to aid us in determining which brands of liquid nails are most suitable for different kinds of projects.

So, without much further ado, let’s dive in.


How much weight can liquid nails hold?

Well, there’s no standard weight that all liquid nails will hold and it, in general, depends on the liquid nails brand.

That said, shear strengths start from 336 lbs(Liquid Nails HD) to about 1178 lbs(Fuze*It brand) for Liquid Nails (Fuze*It brand tensile weights can go up to 308 lbs.)

Remember there are multiple varieties of liquid nails out there and they all come with different holding powers(This is heavily dependent on their intended use cases).

In other words, heavy duty construction adhesives won’t hold the same weight as regular liquid nails brands (they’ll hold way more).

For example, Selleys Liquid Nails(Instant Hold) can, according to the manufacturer, hold up to 882lbs/m2 on many building materials, even vertical surfaces.

On the other hand, Loctite PL 8x can withstand shear weights of up to 2092 lbs. and tensile weights of up to 741lbs. (according to the manufacturer)

So, in short, the weight liquid nails can support boils down to the brand of liquid nails you’re using (or you’re intending to purchase).


How much weight can liquid nails hold on drywall?

When it comes to drywall, what I have mentioned above still holds: that it all comes down to the brand of liquid nails you have opted to use.

But just to give you an idea, the Loctite brand can hold a max of 115 lbs while Liquid Nails FuzeIt could hold 100 pounds.

Keep in mind that some of the weaker liquid nails brands have the lowest hold – the best these can do can be as little as 57 pounds.


How long will liquid nails hold?

So, how long does liquid nails last?

Now, liquid nails are designed to be permanent.

However, there are some exceptions to this-some adhesives are designed to be temporally and will break down at some point.

For that reason, always read your adhesive’s description before purchasing it to know whether it’s a permanent or temporally one.

Another exception is when permanent liquid nails are subjected to extremely harsh conditions like terrible chemicals (for example, acetone) or extreme temperatures.

Just combining these two factors will eventually lead to weakening of your liquid nails bond so you need to be mindful of where you’re using them.

Otherwise, it’s not practical to say that your bonded surfaces will fall apart in x years and y months as so many factors matter.


Can liquid nails replace nails?

This is not a case of one-does-it-all…….

In simple language, there are projects that only nails will work best and others where liquid nails produce flawless results.

That being so, let us look at some of the factors that influence your choice between liquid nails or nails…

Urgency of your project

One of the factors is the urgency of your project.

And here is what you used to know: When using liquid nails, you have to give your project at least 24 hours for it to dry (and up to 7 days for a full cure).

Subsequently, if you are working on a project that needs to carry loads instantly, then liquid nails would not suffice.


The materials you’re bonding

Another factor is the nature of the materials being bonded.

You see, nails work best on wooden surfaces (though there are special nails that work on concrete and iron sheets).

But on other surfaces such as Styrofoam, bricks, tiles among others, nails won’t work at all and you will definitely have to go down the liquid nails route.


The nature of your project

Another factor that may influence whether you opt for liquid nails or nails is the nature of the project.

And you’ll probably agree with me that if you are into aesthetic projects, then the last thing you want is the unsightly holes nails leave behind.

Needless to say, liquid nails are your best bet for such projects as they hold just as strongly as nails but you won’t have some ugly holes to fill.


How much weight can liquid nails hold – summary

Well, different liquid nails brands have different holding strengths so it all comes down to the brand of liquid nails that you are using.

But as a general guide, shear strengths start from 336 lbs(Liquid Nails HD) to about 1178 lbs(Fuze*It brand) for Liquid Nails (Fuze*It brand tensile weights can go up to 308 lbs.)



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