Is liquid nails waterproof?

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So, is liquid nails waterproof? Find out in this post

You probably know this: not all adhesives work in the same environment (Some are well suited for humid environments, others for dry environments and so on.)

In this post, we will be looking at one key property of liquid nails – whether or not they are waterproof.

Let’s get started.


Is liquid nails waterproof?

The truth is, most liquid nails adhesives are best defined as water-resistant rather than truly waterproof.

In other words, most won’t work if they are used on wet surfaces.

However, once most liquid nails adhesives bind to surfaces, they form a strong sealant that is fully waterproof.

So, what happens during winter? Will you simply not do that urgent repair?

Well, the good news is some liquid nails manufacturers are these days producing liquid nails that are capable of working on wet surfaces quite well.

So your best bet is these liquid nails if you have some repairs to do during winter (or in your bathroom).

To point you in the right direction, below are some liquid nails adhesives that you can use even on wet surfaces.


Best liquid nails adhesive to use on wet surfaces

Flex Glue Transparent Adhesive

This is, in our opinion, the best adhesive for use on wet surfaces by far.

Here’s why:

To start with, this adhesive typically resists both mildew and UV making it ideal for use even in most extreme temperatures.

Also, it works quite well even underwater! Can you imagine that? An adhesive that will bind strongly even underwater? Well, this will.

As regards cure time, you might not believe it when I tell you it has an instant grab and only requires 24 to 48 hours to cure fully.

The only major downside with this is that it does require some effort to squeeze it out of the tube (due to its thickness).

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Loctite PL Max Premium

If you are a professional home builder or DIYer, then you definitely know that Loctite is best known for manufacturing some of the strongest and most versatile liquid nail adhesives.

They haven’t failed either when it comes to liquid nail adhesive to use on wet surfaces,.

Besides being the strongest Loctite adhesive product, this adhesive is able to bond a wide range of surfaces both porous and non-porous.

We also love that it has a set time of 20 minutes giving you enough time to reposition your surfaces if need be.

Most importantly, the PL Max Premium can withstand even the coldest winter temperatures.

You can apply it at temperatures ranging from 10⁰F to 120⁰F(and after fully curing, it will hold rock solid in temperatures ranging between 0⁰F and 160⁰F).

The only drawback with this adhesive is that it only works on wet/frozen lumber(It will not work well on other wet surfaces such as concrete).

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is liquid nails fuze it waterproof

Loctite PL 3x

The final product we recommend is the Loctite PL 3x and it is again because the adhesive bonds nicely on wet and even frozen surfaces.

Plus, it dries on such surfaces and in very cold temperatures without you having to intervene.

Turning to curing, this adhesive will set in 20 minutes and fully cure within 24 hours, even in such extreme temperatures.

Keep in mind that this adhesive will withstand temperatures of 19⁰ F to 95⁰ F at application and 40⁰ F to 160⁰ F after fully curing.

Don’t forget that just like the PL Max Premium, this adhesive also has the drawback that it will work well on wet or frozen lumber but not so well on other wet surfaces such as bricks.

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Is liquid nails waterproof? – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does liquid nails work on wet surfaces?


There are certain brands of liquid nails that will bond superbly even in wet surfaces.

And the best liquid nails adhesive for wet surfaces is the Flex Glue Transparent Adhesive in our opinion.

However, a majority of liquid nails will not work on wet surfaces.

Will liquid nails dry in cold weather?

Only some.

There are liquid nail adhesives that have a reputation for their ability to dry even in extremely cold weather including the Loctite PL Max Premium.

That said, most liquid nails have a recommended temperature range of between 40⁰ F and 90⁰ F so such adhesives do not dry in cold weather.

For that reason, first read the product description of your adhesive before using it.

Is liquid nails waterproof – wrapping it up

Most liquid nail adhesives aren’t waterproof.

Instead, they are water resistant.

Put another way, you are likely to struggle to use them on wet surfaces.

However, once the adhesive has fully cured, it forms a sealant that is completely water resistant.

Reminder: There are some liquid nail adhesives that tend to work better both on wet surfaces and even underwater. Perhaps you could consider trying one (a great example is Flex Glue Transparent Adhesive).



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